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The Right Way to Gift Firearms

FirearmsThere is nothing as rewarding as helping someone else learn the value of self defense or hunting by gifting them firearms to get started, but there is definitely a right and wrong way to go about it. This post will help walk you through the process, so you and the person you are gifting to are protected from potential problems. There are two situations to consider – gifting firearms you own and getting them a new one.

Gifting firearms you own is best done through a trusted gun transfer mediator, such as a gun shop. This facility handles the process, so your firearms are no longer associated with your name as the owner. This keeps you from being held liable if those firearms later come into question for an action taken after the date of transfer.

Purchasing firearms new for someone else is a bit like buying clothes – everyone’s taste differs, and your idea of the perfect firearms may not match theirs. Since it is more of a problem to exchange firearms than it is a sweater, it is usually best to let them select the firearms themselves. You can manage this by purchasing a gift certificate at a gun store. This also avoids you falling into a potential problem involving having your name on the purchase of those firearms, which in some cases can become a legal issue.

At Denver Defense, we can help you with the transfer of firearms or the sale of a gift certificate. Your recipient will gain from our staff’s expertise and the chance to rent firearms prior to selecting one if they will be purchasing one here.  Our state-of-the-art shooting range will also help them become proficient with their choice of firearms. Let us help you make your firearms gift giving a simple and safe experience.

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