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Range Rules

range rules

  • Always keep firearms pointed in a safe direction.
  • Always keep your finger off the trigger until ready to shoot.
  • Always keep your gun unloaded until you are at the firing line and the range is declared “HOT.” Firearms must be safe (unloaded – magazines removed and actions opened) when entering or exiting the range.
  • Be aware of your target, what’s around it, and what’s beyond it.
  • Load and unload on the firing line only.
  • Eye and ear protection must be ON at all times when on the range.
  • No food, drinks, or chewing gum allowed on the range due to hazards of lead consumption.
  • Pregnancy:  Regardless of the stage of pregnancy, women who are expecting should not enter the shooting range due to exposure to lead.
  • Acceptable ammunition is determined by the Chief RSO.  Steel core, tracers, or armor piercing cartridges are NOT allowed on the range.
  • Cease Firing: Immediately stop shooting when anyone calls “Cease firing.”  Wait for further instruction from RSO.
  • COLD Range: An RSO will check to ensure firearms are unloaded, actions open and firearms laid down on the shooting benches. No one is permitted to handle firearms or stand at the firing line while there is a cold range.
  • HOT Range: Shooters must check with others to ensure there is no one down range; when the range is declared “HOT” shooters are permitted to commence firing. Only shooters are permitted on the firing line. Shooters may move safe guns to and from the firing line only when the range is “HOT.”
  • Shooters are responsible for all fired bullets until its final resting place.  Shooters may shoot only from the firing line at the target in line with their position. Shooting at targets that are too low may result in ricochets.  Targets that are too high may result in damaged equipment overhead.  Make sure your eyes line up with the center of your target and the center of the backstop behind it.
  • No rapid fire on the range.  Allow approximately 2 seconds between each shot.  An RSO must be present in your bay to operate select fire or automatic firearms.
  • Malfunction?  Jam?  Call for the RSO to assist you with making the firearm safe and clearing malfunctions on the firing line.  Do not attempt to bring the firearm off the firing line until verified safe.
  • Rental firearms must be returned in an unloaded, slide-lock position to the clerk at the rental counter.
  • Dress code:  No open-toed shoes or low-cut shirts.
  • Respect the Range: Please place your trash into the trash receptacles and your spent brass into the recycling receptacles. Tracer, armor piercing, and incendiary ammunition is prohibited.
  • Respect Yourself: Always wear eye and ear protection. Food, beverages, and smoking are not allowed on the firing line. You should wash your hands and face after shooting.
  • Respect Others: There is a one-hour time limit for use of the range if other patrons are waiting.
  • Special permissions may be granted to shooters who qualify with the Chief RSO or Director of Training.  These approved shooters must display their colored ID tags on the back of their shirt collar while engaging in the approved action.  Shooters approved to shoot by drawing from the holster will be given a Green ID Tag.  Shooters approved for either rapid fire or automatic firearms will be given a Red ID Tag.  The RSO on duty maintains the right to discontinue any such action while shooting if conditions become less than optimal or safety is a concern.

At Denver Defense, we encourage residents of Denver, Charlotte, Davidson, Gastonia, Hickory, Mooresville, Huntersville, Lincolnton, Statesville, Concord, Lenoir, Matthews, Rock Hill, Monroe, Shelby, Lake Norman, and all other surrounding cities in North Carolina to learn our shooting range rules.